Comprehensive Development for Cryptocurrencies

AIBS TECHNOLOGIES is a proven development company on blockchain. We provide reliable and reasonable services such as Original cryptocurrency development, Exchange development, Marketing automatization, ICO/IEO consulting and more at the lowest prices in this industry.


AIBS TECHNOLOGIES provides below services. Please contact us if you need solutions regardless of blockchain related or not.


Developing Exchanges for cryptocurrencies

We provide packaged and customizable Exchanges. It is a functional, high quality system at a lower price than other companies. Exchange demo is under preparation.

  • Base: Compatible 2000+ currencies(BTC, ETH etc...) with secure transaction
  • Additional functions: IEO, Voting, Transaction Mining and more
  • Price: From $50,000 (Market price on same function: over $100,000!)
  • Delivery: 3 weeks (Minimum)
  • Results: Our Exchanges have been provided to multiple cryptocurrency operators.

Marketing / Market making

Our system automate / optimize market making for your cryptocurrencies project. In general, it costs several thousand dollars per month but we provide the system on outright purchase. It has already been operating stably on multiple exchanges.

  • Base: Making volume of transaction, Market making
  • Price: $7,500 on outright purchase
  • Delivery: 1 week (Minimum)
  • Results: Our Exchanges have been provided to multiple cryptocurrency operators.

Consulting / Deploy own Currencies and Tokens

We can provide all of blockchain development and consulting service from issuing original cryptocurrencies to conduct ICO/IEO.

  • Issuing original cryptocurrency and token(ERC, NFT etc).
  • Produding White Paper, Web site, Community, ICO and IEO
  • Price: Please contact us (It is definitely high quality and reasonable price)

We have received many orders for system development regardless of blockchain.
Customers: Advertising industry, government agencies, etc.

Video sharing service
E-payment app
Pos register system
Doc mgmt. system


Please feel free to consult us at any time.


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